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Guangzhou Rongyao Decorative Furniture &Building Materials Co., Ltd, subordinate to Hong Kong Huiji (Tiemuxin) Group, is the first decorative company to sell European-style cast iron decorations. Since its establishment in 1990, the company has successfully supplied cast iron decorations and high quality services to a number of five-star hotels, real estate companies, governmental organizations and sightseeing resorts. Thereby, we have impelled the cast iron decorations industry in China.

In recent years, the company keeps innovating and have developed successfully braze decorations and emulated projects. Now, the company blends iron art, copper art and emulation technique into the products and use plate, dye and other crafts to color the products. These approaches make our customers have more options to buy our products.

We adhere to the tenet of "offering products with the best design at affordable prices."  We will continue to contribute to the building and decoration industries.

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